Ototoxicity Monitoring is Now a Reality

The ACEScreening Ototoxicity Monitoring Platform combines the award-winning ACEScreening mobile hearing assessment technology with the Open mHealth architecture to finally make ototoxicity monitoring possible.

This web page is set up for the Heritage Open mHealth Challenge. We invite you to take a look at our brief documentation and the short videos below to gain a better understanding of our project. You can also download our apps to try it out. We can be reached at paul.lee@acecommgroup.com should you have any questions.

Prof. Andrew van Hasselt Explains The Project

Professor Andrew van Hasselt is a world renowned ENT surgeon and the chief inventor of ACEScreening. In this video he explains what is Ototoxicity, why the monitoring of it is so sorely needed, and how ACEScreening is making it all possible.

Demo Walkthrough of The Platform

This video demonstrate a typical usage scenario of the ACEScreening Ototoxicity Monitoring Platform..

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